Who We Are?

Team Mavericks Racing

Team Mavericks Racing was born in 2016 as a brainchild of engineering students of TCET (Thakur college of engineering and technology), We are a team of dedicated members taking care of project planning, management, and execution involving car designing, fabrication, and testing.

TCET is recognized by the India council for technical education (AICTE) and is an Autonomous College affiliated to the University of Mumbai (UOM).

We represent our college currently in Formula Imperial Event which is organized by ISIE India.



This is a student formula-style vehicle design and manufacturing event. The event is formerly known as Hybrid Vehicle Challenge – HVC. The objective of the challenge is to design and fabricate a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle under the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE) India, giving the chance to students to demonstrate and prove their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to teams from other or colleges around Asia. 

Our Goal

With the vision of designing and manufacturing Formula Student Style Vehicle, We are about to elevate our concept of making Combustion Engine race car into an ELECTRIC DRIVERLESS racing car!

We are a team of automotive enthusiasts with a goal of making a SUSTAINABLE and more EFFICIENT vehicle.

We are participating in ISIE Formula Imperial for the 4th time and this time we will be also incorporating Self-Driving feature in our vehicle.

Our Core Team

Bhavesh Chaudhari

Team Captain

Vipul Awatade


Omkar Chaudhary

Electrical Head

Alok Yadav

Team Manager & Finance Head

Shubham Shah

Sponsorship Head

Rahul Sharma

PR & Marketing Head